DUE’s Strategic Themes Budget Supports Student Outreach

By Amy Clark, Administrative Assistant, DUE

DUE’s six strategic themes, which focus on global education, diversity, innovative teaching and learning, holistic experiences in education, information technology and catalyzing the Undergraduate Educational Commons, provide a framework for the work we all do. As important as this process of setting goals and themes is to the DUE, it is also important to help students translate them into meaningful experiences. In an effort to make this happen, DUE has allocated a small discretionary fund which is overseen by Sr. Associate Dean Elizabeth Reed.

Leadership Training Institute trust exerciseIn 2008-2009, DUE supported these student-organized outreach projects, among others:

  • The Leadership Training Institute (LTI) was organized by 20 MIT students who mentored motivated area high school sophomores in the development of their leadership, teamwork, and self-reflection skills. YeSeul Kim, a junior in Urban Studies and Planning, helped to organize LTI which ran from February to May. The group of MIT mentors and area students met on Sunday afternoons and used creative pedagogy to inspire the students to become leaders in their communities.
  • La Union Chicano por Aztlan organized a conference which served as a launch pad to promote the involvement of MIT Latino students in the real world problems experienced by Latin American countries, particularly where urbanization is concerned. Latino students from across the East Coast also attended as the conference sought to spread the word about the issues in order to make a difference in the future of Latin America.
  • DUE continued to support MAGLOA for the second year. The Massachusetts Academic Games League of America was founded by two students from MIT and has grown to include other student coaches and organizers. MAGLOA is an organization dedicated to developing the character, integrity and intellectual acumen of high school students through preparation for statewide and national competitions. The MIT group prepares local students in grades 6-12 for a national competition with participants from nine states and Taiwan. Bao Tran, a junior in Urban Studies and Planning, and Renaldo Webb, a junior in Physics, were this year’s organizers.

This small discretionary fund will continue to support student applications that translate our themes into meaningful student experiences. Please refer interested students to Amy Clark at amyclark@mit.edu at 617-253-0246 for an application.