Connecting with Future MIT Students across the Globe

By Bob Dolan, Career Development Counselor, Career Development Center

Before incoming students stepped foot on MIT’s campus, students in the Masters of Engineering in Logistics program were introduced to the MIT Career Development Center. On July 22, Bob Dolan, Career Development Counselor delivered the center’s first global resume webinar to students in 10 different countries. In an effort to provide early preparation for these international students for the fall recruiting season, Bob worked with administrators in the program to develop content and then delivered the workshop to the global population of MLOG students.

The feedback was extremely positive as the students appreciated the opportunity to connect with MIT before their program began. The Career Development Center will use this forum as a launch into creating additional on-line workshops and webinars with hopes to convey career information to students regardless of location. This effort will be helpful as students explore global experiences throughout their time at MIT.