Bringing Russian and Soviet History into the Digital Age

By Molly Ruggles, Educational Technology Consultant, OEIT

OEIT staff contributed to the development of new programs and courses supported by Alumni Grants. Molly Ruggles is working with history professor Elizabeth A. Wood to develop an online Russian history portal for the project titled “Bringing Russian and Soviet History into the Digital Age.”

This web portal will gather Russian-related resources under one digital umbrella, organizing and displaying relevant websites by various criteria including period, geography, topic, and so on. Rich metadata for each site will efficiently guide students and researchers to materials of interest. MIT UROP student Viktoriya “Vika” Nikolayeva is trolling the internet this summer, filtering sites according to their authenticity and quality. Once the information-gathering is finished, development will be undertaken to enhance the site with a multi-faceted user interface for intuitive searching.