Adding News and Other Content to New MIT News Website

By Anna Babbi Klein, Communications Manager, DUE

As you know, the MIT News Office launched a new version of the MIT News website. The new website is rich in new features and content types. It also reflects a new direction in how the News Office will manage both externally focused and internally focused news. With this new website, DUE has several opportunities to provide content to the site.

Visit the site at:

One key aspect of the change is that the top stories that will come out of the office are focused on telling the MIT story to the world. With the reduction of science writers across the nation, they feel they should not wait for others to write great stories about MIT. Instead MIT will write these stories. As such, they now have five top journalists (who came from major publications) on staff who cover the five “beats” you see at the top of the site: engineering, science, business, architecture and planning, and humanities, arts and social sciences. All will cover education as it relates to their area.

Major components on the MIT News page are:

  • Top News Stories: These include features (trends and profiles); stories about major research, technological or educational innovations; interviews with researchers and administrators, etc. News ideas are welcome, please submit via Anna Babbi Klein
  • Institute announcements: include the launch of major Institute-wide initiatives such as new academic programs; major gifts; presidential speeches; financial aid; major Institute-wide events, emergencies, etc.
  • Sixty seconds at MIT: Video clips that bring out the life of the Institute in small, daily doses. These are drawn from the New Office, TechTV, MITWorld, and elsewhere.
    Submit Videos: You can submit short videos that capture what it is like to be part of MIT

The second major change is that the printed version of Tech Talk was eliminated. It has been replaced by the Campus page on the news office site.

Visit the Campus page:

The Campus news replaces Tech Talk with a dynamic, online version to serve the community. DUE has the ability directly add or submit content for all major components of this section of the site.

In a way, the Campus news page is meant to become the homepage for the MIT community. The page is continuing to evolve with more features such a weather, blogs, and more. I am working to get a Campus link added to the main MIT homepage but this is not yet agreed to.

Major components of the Campus page are:

  • Campus news stories: These are designed primarily for consumption by members of the MIT community. For example, coverage of events after they have happened; new services being offered to the community; awards; newsworthy accomplishments; major anniversaries, etc.
    Submit news: This is managed as a blog. Anyone in the community can get an account and add a news item.
  • Of Note: You should consider this the new internally focused daily spotlight at MIT. “Of Note” aims to highlight noteworthy people, places or events around campus for the community.
    Submit Of Note spotlights: You can request an “Of note” spotlight by submitting a brief (150- to 175-word) feature with a particular target date.
  • Featured URL: A daily link to an MIT website to highlight something interesting or new.
    Submit a Featured URL: You can request that your site or a particular page be the Featured URL of the day.

Details on how to submit content:
The details of how to submit any of the content I highlighted is explained in News Office FAQ document.

PDF of Campus news:
Within the next month, you will begin to receive a weekly email in which you can customize a PDF of the most recent Campus news you want to view/print. This will be opt-out.

MIT homepage:
It is also important for you to be aware of the fact that the MIT News office owns the MIT homepage. They have been working on an update and relaunch, probably in late fall. The main design does not look much different, but the navigation is changing. DUE is involved in this effort.

MIT homepage spotlight:
As part of the new direction of the News Office, the MIT homepage spotlight will focus on topics that “appeal to a broad cross-section of people.” Campus-level announcements and events should use the “Of note” section of the campus news. You can still request a spotlight, but the criteria used to select it has changed.

New Media Relations page:

This page has been developed to provide the media with easier to use press releases, photos and an “experts” list.
Submit a press releases: Contact media relations about the topic of your press release so you can agree on content.