The UAAP Introduces Stop, Think, & Move Ahead

By Leslie Bottari, Senior Administrative Assistant, UAAP

The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) has recently kicked off a series of dinner events aimed at encouraging students to reflect on their experiences as MIT undergraduates.

Stop, Think, & Move Ahead is inspired by the “Just Desserts” reflection-based program that was jointly developed by the Technology and Culture Forum and MIT’s Public Service Center. Each dinner will focus on a shared MIT experience, with a goal of creating an opportunity for students to stop for a moment in their busy lives and engage in thoughtful conversations, all in a supportive and comfortable setting.

Recently, seventeen Associate Advisors joined UAAP and faculty advisors in the Bush Room for dinner and conversation, using this opportunity to reflect on their important roles as peer mentors to freshmen. Discussion centered on the benefits and challenges of assisting first year students in the transition to campus life and the academic rigor of MIT, as well as maintaining collaborative relationships with faculty and staff freshman advisors.

Dinner conversation was lively. Associate Advisors discussed why they become involved with freshmen advising, what they have learned about being leaders and mentors, what they enjoy most about their involvement. Hopefully, the evening’s participants took home a sense of accomplishment for their efforts in their role of advising freshmen, as well as an appreciation for the benefits of stopping for a moment to reflect on the contributions they make to the MIT Community.

Feedback from the evening’s participants was encouraging, and the UAAP is moving forward with more Stop, Think, & Move Ahead programming. The next event is scheduled for April, and will be aimed at student athletes.