OpenLabWare at OEIT This Summer

by Molly Ruggles, Educational Technology Consultant, OEIT

Molly Ruggles worked with the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology (OEIT) staff to facilitate the sponsorship of OpenLabWare's student director, Jeremy Flores. A rising junior in Course 6, Jeremy is the new director of OLW and will be working in the OEIT offices this summer. OLW is an exciting project focused on making the process and results of MIT research experiments available to educators and the general public. Similar to OCW, OLW presents a comprehensive view of selected research projects, with the goal of enhancing the understanding of the laboratory process and getting students excited about research at MIT.

OEIT is looking forward to getting to know Jeremy this summer and we're particularly happy -- thanks to Babi Mitra's encouragement and facilitation -- that Jeremy has also volunteered to be a pre-UROP mentor in the Interphase program administered by the Office of Minority Education.