OME Mentor Advocate Partnership Celebrates Expansion

By Lisa Mullan Strack, Academic Programs Coordinator, Office of Minority Education

The Mentor Advocate Partnership (MAP) is a volunteer mentoring program for MIT students that seek to foster their holistic development along both academic and non-academic dimensions. The OME created MAP because building strong relationships throughout the college experience plays an integral role in academic success and personal satisfaction at MIT. At the core of MAP is a sincere, trusting partnership between a student and staff/faculty that has the potential to persist throughout the undergraduate years. In its second year, MAP was expanded to involve 16 new mentors and 33 freshmen. Three OME Deans and the OME Faculty Director continued to mentor 17 sophomores through the program.

On May 15th, program participants celebrated and reflected on their relationships at a year-end dinner. Mentors and protégés had the opportunity to share thoughts on their mentoring experience during an “open mic” portion of the evening. Dean Karina Vielma wrapped up the event by speaking about the importance of mentoring in her life-- both as a mentor and as a mentee.

The program will expand to serve more students next year. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Lisa Mullan Strack at