OEIT's STAR Software Helps Students Work the Problem

By Amitava ‘Babi’ Mitra, Associate Director, OEIT

3.021 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation, has its challenges. There is not enough time during the course, for example, to train students in the use of LINUX, SGE, and the simulation tool PWscf, a tool that the students would need to know in order to do actual simulations in class. OEIT has provided the 3.021 instructor, Dr. Timo Thonhauser, with a tool that allows students to do simulations and thus overcome these barriers.

Here’s what Dr. Thonhauser said in a recent email: Chuck Shubert and Justin Riley in OEIT “provided me with a tool that allows students to do simulations through a simple web-browser---from their office, in class, or from home. Now the students can focus on exactly what they should be focusing on: modeling and simulation, without having to worry about the underlying complexity of the computer aspects.”

He went on to say that, “In fact, this tool allows me to do things in class that I could not do otherwise.  For the students here at MIT and in my class, this is certainly a huge advantage. But the excitement is not limited to MIT. Recently, I had a chance to present at several universities and conferences, where I always made sure to mention the work of the Educational Innovation and Technology Office. And always, people expressed much interest in this development. There is a tremendous need for such tools in education and I sure hope that these tools eventually find their way into the classrooms at many universities. I am very thankful for the help I have gotten and I am excited about the efforts MIT is making to support such developments!”