OEIT Web Site Becoming Strategic

By Trent Batson, Communications Strategist, Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

Changing any Web site to become more dynamic so that visitors can actually do something at the site is always a large undertaking. Going from mostly display (organization centered) to dynamic (visitor-centered) requires reengineering the content and the navigation schema.

The Office of Educational Innovation and Technology (OEIT) is undergoing this process, but with a twist: the site, beginning in September 2008, will be integrated into the work of OEIT. It will do more than communicate about work in OEIT, it will actually do some of the work.

OEIT consults with faculty about their teaching and learning initiatives to identify the technology pieces that they cannot accomplish alone but which OEIT may be able to
accomplish under their guidance. As OEIT does this work, it accumulates excellent examples of technology adaptations for use in classes, and it accumulates a “platform” of useful technologies, code-sets, technology combinations, and software that can help launch other faculty initiatives.

This accumulation of expertise and products continues to make OEIT even more effective as it works with faculty to add in more technology elements in their course planning.  The site will make this work visible through faculty stories accompanied by stories of how OEIT participated. When a faculty member, perusing the site, sees an example of something that worked which could apply to her course as well, she can fill in a query form at the site, or an RFP, and begin the process of consultation with OEIT right there on the Web.

The OEIT Web site, over this next year, will continue to add functionality to the Web site that expands the amount of work that can be done right there at the site. OEIT is already an Institute interface between faculty members seeking help with innovative educational initiatives using technology and the technology experts who can help make the initiatives a reality, and now it is designing and implementing a Web site to increase the value and expediency of this interface.