New Global Education and Career Development Center Realigns MIT Careers Office and Study Abroad Office


As of July 1, the MIT Careers Office and the Office of Study Abroad and Distinguished Fellowships will be realigned into the Global Education and Career Development Center (GECDC). Under Melanie Parker’s leadership as Executive Director, the center will be comprised of the Global Education Office and the Career Development Center. The creation of the center will enable greater support for the growth of global education as well as offer enhanced career development programs that incorporate a global perspective.

The Global Education Office (GEO) will champion global education by strengthening strategic and operational effectiveness of the study abroad and distinguished fellowships functions as well as provide value-added services related to MIT's global education initiative more broadly. Their mission will be to support the expansion of existing programs as well as the development of new programs. At the same time, the office will work to facilitate greater student access to global opportunities and to help ensure that global education is a core component of an MIT undergraduate education. The GEO will have an associated faculty advisory committee chaired by Prof. Kim Vandiver.

The Career Development Center (CDC) will develop more comprehensive and holistic career services and programs that will challenge and support students in exploring the full range of life opportunities available to them. They will also develop new strategies to identify and cultivate relationships with employers that align with MIT initiatives and with student interest.

An email announcing the center will be sent to MIT faculty and staff in early July. Please contact Melanie Parker with any questions or for more information about these changes.