MIT Arab Student Club Reaches Out to Prospective Students in the Middle East

(adapated from an email from Stuart Schmill, Interim Director, Admissions)

Three Arab students representing the MIT Arab Student Club did a tour through the Middle East talking with high school students about science, engineering, and MIT. They made presentations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. While the Admissions Office did not sponsor this group, they did help them with materials and connected them with alumni in the area. Alam Alayan, one of the students, sent the following in an email to Admissions during his trip:

“We finished couple of hours ago with a successful presentation in East Jerusalem about applying to MIT, followed by Q&A. Over 260 Arab high school students from over 10 good schools in East Jerusalem have filled the hall. I managed at very short notice this morning to talk a BOSTON GLOBE journalist, Matthew Kalman, to attend our MIT event! I told him that post 9/11 many Arabs across the Arab World started shying away from sending their children to the US and that one of the objectives of the MIT Arab Students Club out of an ongoing tour in the Arab World is to try to reverse this trend.”