DUE 2008 Infinite Mile Awards

By Anna Babbi Klein, Communications Officer, DUE

infinite mile awards

On June 11, eighteen members of DUE were awarded DUE Infinite Mile Awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions and dedication to MIT. During the award ceremony, Dan Hastings noted that all the individuals who were recognized “went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Mary Curtin - Community & Customer Service
Office of Educational Innovation & Technology

Heidi Demers - Community & Innovation
DUE Administration

Mary Enterline - Community
Office of Faculty Support

Genevre Filiault - Customer Service
Office of Faculty Support

Kristin Hort - Leadership
Aerospace Studies

Wayne Johnson - Innovation & Creativity
Registrar’s Office

Edward Moriarty - Community & Diversity
Edgerton Center

Richard Rosa - Customer Service
Admissions Office