ACCORD Initiative to Support the Use of Images in Teaching

By Amitava ‘Babi’ Mitra, Associate Director, OEIT

The interest in the use of images in teaching at MIT is on the rise. ACCORD, a collaborative initiative of the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education, Information Services & Technology, the Libraries, and OpenCourseWare, has initiated a program to inform and assist faculty and teaching staff in easily accessing services to support their use of images for teaching.

Faculty in Humanities, Architecture, Social Sciences, and increasingly in Engineering and Science have access to a large number of image resources as well as tools to use images. It is not always clear which resources and tools are best for what applications and how to get support for use of the images and tools. Often these services, including help in locating, managing, tagging, presenting, and archiving images, come from different organizations within MIT or from outside MIT.

This new service from ACCORD is aimed at making it easy to locate and use images in teaching. A full listing of these services, along with links to detailed information about their features, contacts for guidance on use as well as technical support, can be found at the Teaching With Technology website: The faculty were informed of this new initiative and given a pointer to the website.

The ACCORD Image Tools Use Case Group, led by Peter Wilkins (OEIT) and Ann Whiteside (Rotch Library), launched this initiative. The Group included Janet Riley Bowker, Arnis Kletnieks, and Arti Sharma from IS&T, Kate James and Curt Newton from OCW, Peter Wilkins, Andrew McKinney and Babi Mitra of DUE, and Sean Thomas, Jolene de Verges, and Ann Whiteside from the Libraries.

The ACCORD group ( looks forward to opportunities during the coming year to hear from you directly about your ideas and needs in this area.