The “New” New Media Center is Available for Staff Use

By Jim Cain, Educational Technology Consultant, OEIT and Molly Ruggles, Educational Technology Consultant, OEIT

The New Media Center (NMC) in 26-139 is available to the MIT community as a computational resource and has been refreshed with all new hardware this fall to meet the demanding needs of an ever technologically savvy user-base.

The NMC, besides having the usual suite of Office applications, has software ranging from Adobe’s Creative Suite to Apple’s Final Cut Pro and auxiliary applications to support a wide range of activities with tools for editing digital photography, website creation, digital video projects and producing full fledged multimedia projects. Additionally, the NMC contains hardware to support scanning and the digitization of video.

Intel-based Apple hardware was chosen with an eye firmly focused on the future. This particular hardware selection will provide OEIT and the MIT community with a platform for delivering multi-boot environments and virtualized computational environments for a more flexible and easily re-configurable computer cluster.

Available to the MIT Community
When not reserved for classes, the NMC is open to the MIT community 24/7. To check for availability you can consult the schedule of regularly scheduled classes at: Access to the space is controlled by a door keypad with the current Athena Cluster combination.

Enhanced Security
OEIT has recently replaced the solid door with a windowed door to address security and safety concerns. This improvement brings the NMC up to security standards of other Athena clusters and allows MIT police better visual monitoring of the room, ensuring safety during late night and early morning hours.

Getting Started
Designed as a “do-it-yourself” cluster, the NMC offers links to online tutorials for most of the software. If, however, you’d like help getting started, you can make an appointment by contacting

Come on over and check it out!