Student Financial Services Launches New Website

Alice Waugh, Communications Officer, SFS

On January 3, Student Financial Services (SFS) launched a brand new website . Our site was redesigned with the goal of presenting SFS as an integrated MIT unit that offers a variety of interrelated services for students and their parents. We present SFS information and services from the viewpoint of our target users who seek answers to questions such as:SFS Logo

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

  • How is MIT financial aid allocated?

  • What are some ways I can finance my MIT education?

  • How do I get my student bill, and how can I make payments electronically?

  • What loans are available to me as a U.S. or international undergraduate, graduate student or parent?

  • How do I apply for and repay a student loan?

  • How can I find a term-time job?

  • How do I advertise a student job opening and hire a student?

  • How may I use my Federal Work-Study allocation?

We also want to convey the message to prospective students and their parents that an MIT education is within everyone’s financial reach, despite the potentially daunting “total sticker price.” In addition to simply stating MIT’s policies of need-blind admissions and meeting every student’s financial need, we illustrated these ideas with examples using real students – their stories and even some of their actual financial aid figures.

Finally, we’ve made the SFS site more dynamic and visually interesting. There are numerous update opportunities including news, dates and deadlines, scholarship spotlights, financial aid director’s blog, a job of the week, etc., as well as “Quick Link” shortcuts, fresh colors, design elements and photos of students. We welcome feedback and suggestions from everyone (staff, students, parents, faculty, etc.). The feedback form URL is: