Seminar XL Launches Spring 2007 Series of Working Groups

Sekazi Mtingwa, Senior Lecturer, Concourse

The Office of Minority Education’s (OME) spring semester Seminar XL working groups are in full swing. Seminar XL is a collaborative undergraduate learning experience in which groups of four to six students meet for ninety minutes twice per week to share their understanding of course concepts and problem-solving methods. A facilitator guides each working group, where the facilitator is a research scientist, a graduate student, or an upper-class undergraduate student who previously received an A in the course. Although historically it has been a program for first-year students, OME encourages upper-class students to enroll as well. However, only first-year students can receive course credit, provided they attend at least eighty percent of the working group sessions. 

After the fifth week, students who request assistance are not eligible for the regular Seminar XL but can enroll in Seminar XL Limited Edition, which operates twice-weekly, ninety-minute working group sessions as does the regular Seminar XL. At this time, there is no course credit awarded, but past students have benefited greatly from this service.

Seminar XL and its Limited Edition version are managed by Associate Dean Kim Beamon; Sekazi Mtingwa, who serves as Faculty Director; and Sandy Gonzalez, OME Office Administrator. Similar to the Tutorial Services Room, the starting pay for undergraduate facilitators is $13 per hour, while graduate students start at $15 per hour. The pay rate for research scientists is negotiable. For more information about Seminar XL and other OME services, visit the OME Website, or call (617) 253-5010.