Prospective Parents and Students Praise the MIT Admissions Website


A recent thread in the online chat room that is part of College Confidentiall, a website intended to help parents and students through the college admissions process, was filled with positive comments on the content and approach of the MIT Admissions website. The student blogs seemed to draw the most praise. Special kudos goes to Ben Jones who developed and maintains the site.

Here is a sampling of the responses to the question:

“Just looking for some input from prospective parents about the types of Marketing Ploys, Colleges and Universities have been most effective with reaching both you and your child. What specific types have been helpful and which have not... What type of content made you say 'WOW', so and so should check this place out?"

"I fell in love with MIT primarily due to its website, the brilliant blogs, and the sense of community that pervaded the entire area. (Though of course, I was rejected, but that's another story entirely.) The Website's probably the primary source of information and contact that the colleges have with their applicants. Messing up in its design is simply unpardonable."

"I agree, I liked MIT because the website, mailings, and campus were really cool."

"I found colleges that gave the impression of wanting to connect with their applicants whether through blogs, or any other means to be very attractive. MIT was particularly brilliant in this regard."

"I agree. Personal connection was most important. Wellesley = handwritten letters to all accepted Early Evaluation applicants, UChicago and MIT = blogs."

"I agree MIT's blogs are an unbelievable source of information... I haven't seen anything close to that quality on any other school's sites.. have you?"

"I haven't seen anything that comes close to MIT. The MIT Home page changes daily, I think (student-designed page-of-the-day). The Blogs really help you see the school, and the process as human. The admissions people acknowledge that they are real people, with real lives, and really try to put useful and timely info there. Too bad it's so dang hard to get into!!!!"

"Yes, it is wonderful the "realness" of the admissions team, MIT is one of the best.. So are there any other schools that even come close to MIT in terms of getting into the lives of prospective students as people rather than a number?"

"Part of the reason I looked for the manner in which colleges interacted with their applicants was the idea that through this I could gain some (just a little, but some) idea as to how they interacted with their students."

"MIT's website (he wound up not applying) was elegant -- what all websites should aspire to. Simple, clear, direct and the simplist of many to use. (In contrast, some of the state schools were bears!)"

"As a matter of personal taste, my son and I were very impressed by how CLEAN and intuitive the MIT site was."

"I think consensus is that basically, MIT leads the pack in its Admissions Blogs. They're staffed by a bunch of brilliant students and adcoms, and they allow you to gain a very accurate glimpse of life there. Besides they're absolutely hilarious to read at times and are just beyond compare. Any other school's blogs pale in comparison... Ask any MIT applicant what caused him to fall in love with the school, and 'the blogs' would be fairly high on the list."

"MIT is my favorite college website. Human side to the highly technical/competitive."