DUE Desktop Support Launches Website

By Steve Burke, Director of Administrative Computing, DUE/DSL

DUE Desktop Support (DUE/DS) is a division of DUE Administrative Services. In addition to DUE offices, DUE Desktop Support also provides support for the Division of Student Life (DSL). In total, we support over 650 computers and printers. Though we are not part of Information Services and Technology (IS&T), we work very closely with IS&T for the IT services they provide to our offices. DUE Desktop Support acts as both a liaison and advocate for DUE/DSL to IS&T.

On July 1, 2006, a new Desktop Support Model was officially launched for the DUE/DSL offices we support. Our goal was to provide similar and equitable support to all DUE and DSL Departments given current resources. Our last task was to document and publish the new DUE/DSL Desktop Support Model for all DUE/DSL Staff to visit. We hope this site will be informative to all our users! The site is divided into areas for "For All DUE/DSL Users", and "For DUE/DSL IT Liaisons", an area more specific to activities for IT Liaisons. We encourage all staff to view the various topics of interest.

In the future we expect to use this site for special announcements of interest. We hope you will bookmark our site for reference.

New website: https://web.mit.edu/due/ds (MIT Certificate required to view site)