Communications and Partnerships

Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education

Welcome to the firsDean Daniel Hastingst edition of the DUE-wide newsletter. I have been proud to serve as Dean for Undergraduate Education for a full year. This year has been one of change, learning to work together in new and exciting ways and of defining our future together. For any organization at any time, it is important that there be high bandwidth communications that are open, continuous and reliable. This is especially important when the organization is faced with internal and external change. We will use this newsletter and other communication channels to discuss these changes, internal and external, as well as to support several other objectives that I will lay out below.

During this past year, I have come to more fully appreciate how the jobs that we all do are important to DUE and MIT. MIT and DUE, as a component of MIT, have large scale strategic foci. Collectively we are responsible for a fair amount of the ongoing core work of the Institute and it is important that we deliver this work with the highest quality. We will do our jobs better, more strategically and with a greater sense of their impact, if we understand the context within which we operate. This newsletter will serve as a vehicle for the DUE leadership team to communicate about context and how are we doing within it.

In addition, I am interested in all of us working in partnership across departments. We will do that more efficiently if we understand the work being undertaken in each of the DUE offices to serve our key stakeholders, students, parents, faculty and alumni. We will see the links better and can help each other, as appropriate, by sharing ideas. A third objective is for us to talk to each other about the ongoing excellent work in each of the offices and in moving the DUE strategic themes forward. This newsletter includes a more detailed article about the strategic themes.

Finally, we all have a role to play in communications with our stakeholders and mission partners in the Division of Student Life (DSL) and Graduate Student Office (GSO), and elsewhere at the Institute. Great work goes on in DUE and we should be able to tell others about it in an informed and focused way. The newsletter provides us an opportunity to discuss and hone our messages so we can communicate our value proposition clearly to others both inside and outside of MIT. I look forward to reading the contributions from your offices and sharing with you some of the exciting activities and going on across DUE.