ROTC Programs

Military training has existed at MIT ever since the Institute opened its doors in 1865. More than 12,000 officers have been commissioned from MIT, of whom more than 150 have reached the rank of general or admiral. Students who are United States citizens or who have applied for citizenship, are of good moral character, and are medically qualified for military service, may participate in the programs. Non-citizens who fulfill naturalization requirements for citizenship prior to graduation may enroll and participate in the four-year nonscholarship programs.

The Air Force ROTC program provides students the opportunity to become commissioned officers in the Air Force while completing their undergraduate or graduate degree.

The Army ROTC program of instruction is designed to enhance a student's college education by providing unique leadership and management training along with practical experience.

The purpose of the Naval ROTC program is to provide instruction and training in naval science subjects which, when coupled with a bachelor's degree, qualify selected students for commissions in the US Navy.

More information on the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) can be found in the MIT Course Catalogue.