OUE Offices

OUE consists of nine offices that provide core services to undergraduates, as well as faculty and prospective students. Each office reports to the Vice Chancellor.

GECD-Career Services
GECD-Global Education
GECD-Prehealth Advising

Experimental Study Group
The Edgerton Center


Air Force ROTC
Naval ROTC


The MIT Office of Admissions manages the recruitment, application review and enrollment of undergraduate students. They also provide central administrative support of graduate admissions in collaboration with departments and degree-granting programs.

This office serves: prospective undergraduate and graduate students.

Location: Room 3-108

Admissions Contact Info
Admissions website


Office of Global Education and Career Development (GECD)

Global Education and Career Development (GECD) guides all students as they explore and prepare for careers, global opportunities, and health professions. GECD consists of three offices: Career Services, Global Education, and Prehealth Advising.

GECD Contact Info
GECD website
phone: 617-715-5329
email: gecd@mit.edu

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GECD-Career Services

Career Services helps students and alumni develop the self-awareness and skills to explore, clarify and implement good career choices. Career Services provides counseling, workshops, pre-professional advising, and employer recruitment. This area also assists employers and graduate schools wishing to attract MIT students and alumni.

This office serves undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni.

Location: Room E17-294

GECD-Career Services
Contact Info

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phone: 617-715-5329
email: gecd@mit.edu

GECD-Global Education

Global Education (GE) helps students identify and explore global opportunities, including study, internships, UROPs, and public service abroad. At the same time, GE facilitates the MIT Study Abroad Program and Distinguished Fellowships, helping students to apply and prepare for these opportunities. GE also provides advice and consultation services to faculty and departments interested in creating global education opportunities for students, including programs overseas.

This office serves undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.

Location: Room E17-294

GECD-Career Services
Contact Info

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phone: 617-715-5329
email: gecd@mit.edu

GECD-Prehealth Advising

MIT’s Prehealth Advising provides exploration, preparation, and support for MIT undergraduate, graduate, and alumni applicants to medical and health profession schools.

This office serves undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni.

Location: Room E17-294

GECD-Prehealth Advising
Contact Info

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phone: 617-715-5328
email: gecd@mit.edu

Office of Experiential Learning

The diverse programs and learning opportunities offered by the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) are joined by a common theme: mens et manus or mind and hand. Hands-on educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, expose students to different ways of thinking and solving problems, broaden their communications skills, and help them develop a better sense of self.

Office of Experiential Learning website


Concourse is a freshman learning community in which a cohort of students fulfill their first-year General Institute Requirements in a small school environment. Core subject classes are integrated into a larger human context represented by the humanities classes. A high degree of interaction between faculty and students, as well as the students themselves, is fundamental to the program.

This office serves undergraduate freshmen.

Concourse website
Room 16-135

D-Lab: Development through Dialogue, Development and Dissemination

Through academic offerings and related field work, D-Lab fosters the development of appropriate technologies and sustainable solutions within the framework of international development. D-Lab offers more than a dozen subjects each year covering creative problem solving, engineering and design, cross-cultural communication, and social entrepreneurship. All student projects are connected to communities in Africa, Asia, or South or Central America, and most subjects provide students with an option for fieldwork.

D-Lab innovations have included low-cost, sustainable technologies such as a pedal-powered washing machine, a hand-held corn sheller, a portable solar cooker, ceramic water filters, bio-waste fuels, and a solar-powered autoclave.

This office serves undergraduates and graduate students.

Location: Room N51-3rd flr

D-Lab Contact Info
D-Lab website
email: dlab@mit.edu

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Experimental Study Group (ESG)

ESG is an alternative freshmen learning community that offers experimental, small group learning in the core freshman subjects within a community-based setting of 50 freshmen, 15 staff and faculty, and 25 upper class student instructors. ESG also offers a series of hands-on and innovative six unit pass/fail seminars for all undergraduates during the spring term.

This office serves undergraduates.

Location: 6th Floor of Bldg 24

ESG Contact Info
ESG website
phone: 617-253-7786

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Terrascope is a freshman learning community which challenges students to think creatively about an interdisciplinary, environmental problem. Terrascope balances the lecture/problem set learning of introductory (or "core") science subjects with studies of complex, real-world problems through fieldwork and research.

This office serves undergraduate freshmen.

Location: Room 16-177

Terrascope Contact Info
Terrascope website
phone: 617-253-4074

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The Edgerton Center

The Edgerton Center provides resources and instruction for undergraduates to engage in hands-on research and independent projects in engineering and science. Established in 1992, the Edgerton Center continues the hands-on legacy of Harold "Doc" Edgerton by giving students opportunities to learn by doing. The Center's hands-on learning programs include student-run clubs and teams, student machine shops, subjects in engineering and imaging for students and professionals, the international development program D-Lab, and a year-round K-12 science and engineering outreach program, including professional development workshops for teachers.

This office serves undergraduates and local K-12 teachers and students.

Location: Room 4-405

Edgerton Contact Info
Edgerton website
phone: 617-253-4629

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Office of Minority Education (OME)

OME promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and professional development among undergraduate students from underrepresented minority groups. OME provides a culturally focused office on the MIT campus where all students feel welcome, offers programs that empower students to thrive academically, and encourages strong mentoring relationships with faculty and staff that provide both personal and academic guidance.

This office serves undergraduates.

Location: Room 4-107

OME Contact Info
OME website
phone: 617-253-5010
email: ome@mit.edu

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Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office provides a broad range of services to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The office implements educational policies and procedures as defined by faculty governance; fosters educational innovation; facilitates enrollment, registration, and graduation; develops classroom, student, and final exam schedules; manages classroom space; and serves as a custodian of student and teaching data.

This office serves undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, and faculty.

Location: Room 5-117

Registrar's Contact Info
Registrar's website
phone: 617-253-4784
email: registrar-www@mit.edu

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ROTC Programs

Military training has existed at the Institute since it opened its doors in 1865. The Reserve Officer Training Program (ROTC) at MIT consists of three programs: Air Force, Army, and Naval ROTC.

ROTC Overview website

Air Force ROTC

The Air Force ROTC program provides students the opportunity to become commissioned officers in the Air Force while completing their undergraduate or graduate degree.

This office serves undergraduates.

Location: Room W59-114

Air Force ROTC Contact Info
Air Force ROTC website
phone: 617-253-4475


The Army ROTC program of instruction is designed to enhance a student's college education by providing unique leadership and management training along with practical experience.

This office serves undergraduates.

Location: Room W59-192

Army ROTC Contact Info
Army ROTC website
phone: 617-253-4471


Naval ROTC

The purpose of the Naval ROTC program is to provide instruction and training in naval science subjects which, when coupled with a bachelor's degree, qualify selected students for commissions in the US Navy.

This office serves undergraduates.

Location: Room W59-110

Naval ROTC Contact Info
Naval ROTC website
phone: 617-253-2991

Student Financial Services (SFS)

Student Financial Services provides MIT students and their families with the information, products and services needed to meet each individual's financial needs including financial aid and loans. SFS supports MIT’s mission to ensure access to an MIT education for all admitted and enrolled students without regard to their financial circumstances. SFS also manages student employment.

This office serves undergraduates and graduate students.

Location: Room 11-120

SFS Contact Info
SFS website
phone: 617-258-8600
email: ssc@mit.edu

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Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL)

The Teaching and Learning Laboratory collaborates with faculty, administrators, and students to strengthen instruction at MIT and support the development and assessment of innovations in pedagogy and educational technology. TLL offers teaching workshops and orientations for new TAs and faculty members in addition to a for-credit class and a Teaching Certificate Program for graduate students. Individual teaching consultation services, including classroom videotaping are also available to instructors and TAs. TLL also conducts research in the learning process.

This office serves faculty and graduate students and supports innovations in teaching and learning for undergraduates.

Location: Room E39-207

TLL Contact Info
TLL website
phone: 617-253-2850
email: tll@mit.edu

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Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP)

The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming provides student-centric services to enhance the academic success and personal growth of undergraduates. This includes coordinating freshman pre-orientation and orientation programs, facilitating academic advising and mentoring relationships, cultivating learning skills, providing academic and personal support through Student Support Services and Disabilities Services, promoting leadership development, and managing the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

This office serves undergraduates and faculty.

Location: Rooms 7-103 and 7-104

UAAP Contact Info
UAAP website
phone: 617-253-6771
email: uaap-www@mit.edu

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