Student Services

What services does DUE provide to students?

DUE partners with the Division of Student Life, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, and the faculty to provide a framework of services that enhances student learning both inside and outside the classroom. Many of these services address the needs of both undergraduate and graduate students:

Facilitate the educational process

  • Recruit and admit the best students in the world
  • Ensure access to an MIT education without regard to financial need
  • Manage registration, tuition and graduation


Enhance academic success and holistic learning

  • Advise first year students to facilitate their transition to college
  • Help students develop effective learning strategies
  • Provide advocacy and support for students facing personal and academic challenges
  • Ensure students with disabilities receive equal access to all aspects of MIT
  • Strengthen faculty advising and mentoring
  • Propagate student leadership development


Increase student diversity at all educational levels

  • Foster learning communities for admitted and incoming freshman
  • Build strong mentoring relationships between students and faculty / staff
  • Encourage and advise students interested in pursuing graduate school


Promote global educational opportunities

  • Help students explore and pursue global experiences
  • Provide study-abroad opportunities
  • Enable public service projects in developing countries


Support student career development

  • Help student and alumni explore and implement good career choices
  • Ensure effective job search and candidate preparation skills
  • Foster student connections with employers and graduate programs


Encourage experiential learning

  • Provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom
  • Administer the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
  • Manage January Independent Activities Period (IAP)